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NYFS: Ready for the Next 40

In 1976, Northeast Youth & Family Services started small – but we dreamed big.

Today we are a lifeline to over 4,000 of your friends and neighbors and we’re looking forward to serving even more people in the future.

We couldn’t have done it without help and support from people like you. Please take a moment to hear from those who support us, and from those who we’ve supported over the last 40 years.

Together, we’re working to live out NYFS’ mission of transforming lives today – creating a better tomorrow for youth, adults, families and our community.

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“I support NYFS because of their focus on helping young people overcome their issues while also helping them establish goals to become positive, contributing members of society.”
Gary Meehlhause, Mounds View City Council Member, NYFS Board Chair
“The people here give you hope. They make you feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”
Nicole, mother of Blake, a NYFS Diversion program graduate
“I am impressed by the creativity and efficiency of NYFS programming. Looking at ways one challenge can help be the solution for another challenge. Few if any organizations in my experience can be so thoughtful and effective helping the communities and individuals they serve. I’m honored to give my time to help further the cause and in return am energized by the passion and commitment of the NYFS team. Great people doing important work and making a real difference in the lives they touch.”
Daniel Boone, Ex. Dir. of Marketing Services, Deluxe Corp. and NYFS Board Member
“NYFS has been investing in youth, adults and families for decades and I’ve seen firsthand how their programs and services benefit not just their clients, but the entire community. What they do saves lives and saves money. The strain on state and local government resources in their area would be greater without them.”
Mary Jo McGuire, Ramsey County Commissioner and NYFS Board Member
Land O’Lakes is proud to be a partner with NYFS and I am honored to
serve on the board. NYFS is committed to helping youth and families
make long-term life changes and is making a difference in our
community – one person and one family at a time.
Tanya Dowda, Land O'Lakes Director of Sourcing, Business Alignment and NYFS Board Member
Because NYFS has collaborative partnerships with 15 east-metro area communities, the benefits of the programs and services provided results in a “win-win” for everyone involved: those individuals and families served as well as our community at large. I’m involved because I know NYFS helps maintain healthy communities for all of us.
Judy Cognetta, NYFS Board Member
For years I worked with incarcerated adults who did not get good support and guidance as kids. Then I learned about NYFS. It just makes sense to help provide youth with support and coping skills early when they are needed most and when they will have the greatest impact.
Jean Houlding, President, Stillwater Express Solutions and NYFS Board Member

Success Stories & Videos

A Roseville student started the Out of School Time (OST) program with a D grade point average. ‘Whatever’ and ‘I don’t care’ where two common phrases heard from him, and cooperation was difficult. NYFS worked with him on his Individual Learning Plan and he mentioned an interest in leadership. Over the next few months he took a much more active role in the program and became one the biggest recruiters – including getting several friends to join the program. He signed up for all OST leadership clubs and ended the third trimester with a ‘B’ grade point average.”
A young man came to NYFS’ Mental Health Clinic because he was struggling with anxiety, low self-esteem, and a poor self-image. He was also enrolled in college in the fall. He was able to attend just five counseling sessions prior to departing for school, but in that short time he learned strategies that helped him manage his anxiety and boost his self-image. He has since successfully completed his first year at a major university and has a bright future ahead of him.

Participant Feedback

“The NETS program was a lifesaver for my child. The staff there are wonderful, caring and compassionate not only for her but the whole family. They gently challenge the kids to face reality and to take hold of life and make it the best it can possibly be. I would recommend them to anyone that has a child struggling in these areas.”
NETS Program parent
“I believe that through all of this I have learned a lot and I can honestly say I will never shoplift again. I also learned through community service at the nursing home how much I love to volunteer and do the little things to help people.”
Diversion Program Graduate
“Our therapist was the best. She not only counseled both of our daughters but the entire family at times. She was always understanding and able to suggest many ways for coping.”
Outpatient Mental Health Client
“Thank you for helping me psychologically to understand my feelings and feel better about myself. I hope you keep helping other kids like me at NETS.”
NETS Program graduate
“I am so thankful to have had another chance. I couldn’t possibly be where I am now if it wasn’t for that second chance.”
Diversion Program graduate
“I don’t have enough words to thank you. With this help, we can stay here. We could never afford to go into assisted living. We’ll stay here as long as we have you.”
Senior Chore Participant
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