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Gary Meehlhause
Rep: City of Mounds View

Ling Becker
Vice Chair
Rep: Community

Dan Roe
Vice Chair
Rep: City of Roseville

Dean Maschka
Rep: Community

Joe Murphy
Rep: Community


Daniel Boone
Rep: Community

Joseph Brown Thunder
Rep: Falcon Heights

Judith Cognetta
Rep: City of North Oaks

Tanya Siebert Dowda
Rep: Community

John Hakes
Rep: Community

Erich Hartmann
Rep: Community

Jean Houlding
Rep: Community

Blake C. Huffman
Rep: Community

Val Johnson
Rep: New Brighton

Allison Lehner
Rep: Youth on Boards

Jennifer Lodin
Rep: Mounds View Public Schools

Mary Jo McGuire
Rep: Community

Lindsay Nauen
Rep: Community

Daniel Newham
Rep: Community

Terry Nyblom
Rep: Vadnais Heights

Gloria Alvarez Pederson
Rep: Community

Stellar Quach
Rep: Youth on Baprds

Jack Serier
Rep: Ramsey County

Cory Springhorn
Rep: City of Shoreview

Christian Torkelson
Rep: City of Little Canad

Miriam Ward
Rep: City of Arden Hills

Bill Walsh
Rep: White Bear Lake