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A Message from Jerry Hromatka, NYFS President and CEO

Jerry Hromatka,
NYFS President & CEO

Dear Friend of NYFS,

When Northeast Youth & Family Services opened its doors in 1976, our founders had big dreams, but no guarantee that we’d make it past the first few years. Helping 100 families during those first twelve months was a stretch.

Forty years later, I’m pleased to report that NYFS has grown to become a trusted, effective and comprehensive
provider of mental health and community services that serves over 4,000 people every year.

So much has changed since 1976 – but our one constant has been strong support from people like you.

You’ve helped us meet new needs and serve more people while staying true to our mission of transforming lives today – creating a better tomorrow for youth, adults, families and our community. Our mental health counseling
services and community service programs are better than ever because you helped us do it.

Thank you so much for your support over the first 40 years. With your help, the next 40 will be even better.

Thank you,

Jerry Hromatka,
NYFS President and CEO

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