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Quick Facts

  • Our mental health staff work with clients of all ages to address mental health issues such as: anxiety, marital problems and family conflict
  • More than 1,658 youth, family and adults receive help from our Mental Health program each year
  • 80% of Mental Health clients report improvement
  • Youth Development staff help youth succeed in school, at home, in their communities and prepare them for the world of work
  • Our youth development programs focus on four core areas of achievement that are critical to long-term success: academic achievement, employability, citizenship and life skills
  • 95% of youth who successfully graduated from our Diversion program did not reoffend within six months of completion of the program
  • 70% of kids involved in our after-school programs improved their grades in school
  • NYFS Discovery Center is used to increase the social and academic skills of the day treatment, support our youth development programming and serve as an affordable space for community events
  • Since construction of the Discovery Center, visits by the day treatment program students to the behavioral intervention room have dropped by 20%
  • Our services result in: higher student graduation rates, lower crime rates, a better-educated and more stable work force and less reliance on non-profit and governmental support services
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