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Carolyn Babekuhl

School Based Therapist



Carolyn received her Master of Social Work from Augsburg University and is a Licensed Independent Social Worker (LICSW). She has experience working in outpatient clinics, in the community and in schools and has worked with individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, trauma, LGBTQ+ identities, family conflict, grief and loss, social injustices, anger management and adjustment challenges. Her special interest involves working with youth as they transition into adulthood and increasing awareness of mental health issues. She focuses on meeting the client where they're at in their journey and providing a safe environment where all are welcome.

LaTarsha Bronaugh

NETS Day Treatment Therapist



LaTarsha is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) with a master’s degree in Community Counseling from St. Cloud State University. She has been a Program Therapist for the NETS Day Treatment Program for 14 years and works with youth from grades 6 to 12. She has experience serving youth experiencing bipolar disorder, mood disorders, ADHD, anxiety, depression, trauma/PTSD, body image issues, self-worth/ low self-esteem and self-harm, and anger management issues. She is a LGBTQIA+ ally and committed to helping clients embrace their racial and cultural identities. LaTarsha is a strong believer in building trust within the therapeutic journey and letting the client set the pace as they work toward empowerment and healing so the skills learned and practiced within the NETS environment will also be utilized at home, school, work and in their community.

Mai Chang

Senior Program Assistant/Psychiatry Medical Assistant


Mai is the Senior Program Assistant/ Psychiatry Medical Assistant at NYFS. She assists in the outpatient department helping with administrative and clinical work. She is passionate about mental health because it affects our quality of life. She enjoys seeing new clients and familiar faces and helping them get help for their mental well-being.

Joshua Grant

Community Advocate


Joshua received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Service from the University of Southern New Hampshire. He has experience working with mental health services, assessing individual’s needs, and utilizing their strengths and progress. Joshua links individuals to community resources including formal and informal supports by coordinating with community partners. He also helps identify and strengthen natural supports that the individual identifies as being valuable to his or her recovery process.

Sumaya Hassan

Human Resources Senior Generalist


Sumaya Hassan graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.S. in Family Social Science. She is currently in graduate school completing her Master's in Public Administration with a concentration in Managing for Social Equity at the University of Colorado- Denver. Sumaya has worked in the human resources field for small, local nonprofits in the Twin Cities for the last 2.5 years. She was drawn to HR due to the positive impact it can have on organizational workplace culture, the employee experience, and the opportunity to implement diversity, equity and inclusion work.

Lauren Kelzenberg



Lauren is a Clinical Social Worker intern. She is finishing up her last year of graduate school at St. Kate's and upon graduation she hopes to become a school-based therapist and continue advocating for youth in our schools. Lauren's office will be located in the library if you want to come say hi or need guidance on finding the right resources. Lauren is a dog mom to a now one year old Aussie and enjoys boxing and kayaking in her spare time.

Molly Kummer

Senior NETS Program Assistant


Molly has a bachelor’s degree in social work from the University of North Dakota. In addition to her background in mental health, she also has medical training a firefighter and EMT. Molly came to NYFS as an intern and enjoyed the experience so much she came back to be our Senior NETS Program Assistant, helping with many aspects of program operation from administration to mental health support.

Angela Lewis-Dmello

President and CEO



Angela is the President and CEO of Northeast Youth and Family Services. She comes to NYFS with experience in nonprofit leadership, program development and evaluation, training and supervision, and trauma treatment research. Angela is passionate about both individual level and systems level change and is thrilled to be supporting NYFS’s work providing trauma informed and culturally responsive care to the community, with a focus on youth and their families. Angela is trained as a clinical social worker and has spent the majority of her career working in trauma-laden environments as an administrator and psychotherapist in child sexual violence, domestic violence, refugee resettlement, and torture trauma. Angela has experience providing trainings and workshops on a variety of topics related to trauma and interpersonal violence, as well as leadership and supervision locally, regionally, and nationally. Angela is especially invested in addressing workforce level issues such as provider attrition from the mental health and nonprofit sectors through organizational interventions supporting staff wellness and work sustainability through addressing secondary trauma, vicarious trauma, moral injury, and burnout. Angela holds a bachelor’s degree in global studies and a master’s degree in social work from the University of Minnesota. Angela served as a Community Adjunct Faculty member at the University of Minnesota School of Social Work teaching graduate students psychotherapy methods courses from 2012 - 2021.

Carl Luepker


Carl is currently in the mental health clinician program at Adler Graduate School. He has almost two decades of teaching experience, mostly in 6th grade math and most recently at Harambee Elementary School. Carl was also a fellow at the University of Minnesota's Leadership and Education in Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Autism (MNLEND) Program.

Amelia Maijala

Development and Communications Manager


Amelia has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Minnesota and has previously worked as a news reporter and editor. She’s been with NYFS in multiple capacities since 1999 and helps ensure that those who need our services can find us and those who can support our services have the opportunity to give generously and understand the full value of their support.

Jackie McGovern

Manager, Community Services


As the Manager of Community Services, Jackie oversees the Juvenile Diversion Program, Community Connections Program and Community Advocate Program. The Juvenile Diversion Program works with youth who are charged with misdemeanor and status offenses such as theft, chemical use and disorderly conduct and is an alternative to the traditional juvenile justice system. The Community Connections Program helps isolated youth connect with local resources that will help them reach their full potential. The Community Advocate Program serves adults who have had repeated contact with law enforcement and have underlying needs that cannot be resolved by law enforcement alone. Jackie has a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice.

Laurie Moser

Manager of Day Treatment


Laurie is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the Manager of the NETS Day Treatment program. She specializes in working with youth and families, especially those who have histories of trauma. Laurie has many years of experience working with LGBTQIA+ youth as well as clients who experience depression, anxiety, bullying, learning differences and autism. She is passionate about helping youth understand and embrace their authentic selves.

Kathryn Muellner

NETS Day Treatment Therapist



Kat is passionate about working with youth and has been for over 25 years. She has a Bachelor of Social Work degree from St. Cloud State and received her LICSW from the St. Thomas University/University of St. Catherine Clinical Social Work program in 2018 and has spent most of her career working in a in a day treatment setting at NYFS. She works with adolescents ages 12-18 and strives to create a safe space for youth to do their work, including skills training that includes self-calming techniques, problem solving, life skills, goal setting, self-esteem building, anger management, conflict resolution and recognizing relationship patterns. Kat uses a mix of strategies and resources to ensure that each youth in the program gets the support and information they need in a format they can best understand and utilize.

Leona Ryan

Clinic and School-Based Therapist



Leona received her Master of Social Work from the University of Minnesota and is a Licensed Graduate Social Worker (LGSW). She has experience as a children’s therapeutic service and support practitioner, working in the community and in schools. Leona’s work with clients has primarily been focused on challenges associated with adoption, foster care, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, developmental disorders, learning disabilities, and has experience working with clients who have experienced trauma. Leona is passionate about reducing stigma and increasing resources around mental health and meeting clients where they are in their journey

Angela Siegle-Pugh

REACH Therapist



Angie is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) who has been working in the mental health field for more than two decades. She earned her Master’s Degree in Psychotherapy and Counseling at the Adler Graduate School. Angie has spent most of her time serving adolescents in day treatment and school settings. She draws from a variety of therapeutic approaches in her work with clients and believes healing happens when clients experience trust and safety in the therapeutic relationship. As a school-based therapist at Reach Academy, Angie provides therapeutic services to students with social, emotional, behavioral and academic needs. Angie works within an embedded model at Reach Academy where she closely collaborates with school staff to support the integration of trauma-informed instruction, responsive classroom approaches to teaching students with mental health needs, and increasing staff awareness of trauma and its impact on students’ academic performance.

Jocelyn Thoemke

Outpatient Therapist



Jocelyn is an experienced Board-Certified Art Therapist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She has worked with clients throughout their lifespan, as individuals, as families, and in groups. In her work with clients, Jocelyn emphasizes the importance of therapeutic relationships and strives to create a safe place for clients to heal. She believes that art therapy can provide clients with a way to address feelings, experiences, and relationships that are difficult to talk about; and there is no need for any experience or ability in art to benefit from art therapy! Jocelyn enjoys supporting clients challenged by anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, life transitions, loss, relationship issues, is LGBTQ+ friendly and embraces working with clients with diverse perspectives and from diverse backgrounds. Jocelyn has an eclectic approach and incorporates strategies from a variety of philosophies to best meet clients' needs. Jocelyn’s special interest is supporting neurodivergent individuals; those who are autistic and/or have ADHD.

Ashley Tobias

Outpatient Therapist



Ashley (she/her) is a Licensed Graduate Social Worker (LGSW) who works at the NYFS Shoreview location in outpatient care. She completed her Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Social Work from Luther College and her Masters of Social Work from Capella University. Ashley has experience working in skills-based application and psychoeducation, enjoying the opportunity to support clients in developing a better understanding of how they function. Before coming to NYFS, Ashley worked in settings reinforcing child needs, parent-child relationships, and adult mental health. Her main approaches include Strengths-Based, Solution-Focused, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), in addition to trauma-informed practices. Ashley engages with her clients by building a non-judgmental environment with respect and the opportunity for clients to express their opinions and needs.

Laurie Berlin

School Based Therapist



Laurie Berlin is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an LMFT and LPCC board-approved supervisor. She enjoys mentoring clinicians who are working toward clinical licensure and has experience working with individuals and families who have experienced grief and loss, trauma, depression, suicidal and self-harming youth, anxiety, LGBTQ+, social injustices, life transitions, and academic challenges. She focuses on working with at-risk, underserved, and multicultural youth and young adults within the school and clinic settings. Laurie is passionate about reducing stigma around mental health and removing barriers to increase access to mental health services for all people. Laurie places a strong emphasis on the therapeutic relationship, provides a nonjudgmental stance, and believes that people have the resources within them to achieve their fullest potential when provided a brave and safe space for personal exploration and growth.

Mia Bulchaa

Client Services Coordinator


Mia received her bachelor’s degree in public health from Minnesota State University, Mankato. She has been working in the healthcare field for over ten years in various positions. Throughout her experience, she has been passionate about mental health as it impacts our quality of life. As Client Services Coordinator for school-based therapy services at NYFS, she provides administrative support and coordinates intake and referrals for therapists in three school districts. Mia enjoys working with parents and adolescents with different backgrounds and making a difference in their lives. She strongly believes that good mental health contributes to strong relationships and better health at home and school.

Kendra Coop

School Based Therapist



Kendra works as a school-based therapist at Edgewood Middle School in Mounds View. She earned her BA from St Cloud State University and her MSW from the University of Kansas. Kendra has worked in the community, inpatient hospital, residential, school and clinic settings. Her experience includes working with youth and young adults coping with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, ADHD, oppositional defiant disorders, PTSD, academic challenges, suicide, and self harm. Kendra uses a trauma-informed lens, and likes to incorporate a strength-based approach to highlight the individual strengths of each person, and use those assets to promote growth and progress.

Denise Greene

Building and Office Manager


Denise has been working in the mental health field for 16 years in many different capacities. As the office and building manager at NYFS, she enjoys being a part of a caring team of professionals who are committed to serving the needs of our clients.

Jacqueline James

School Based Therapist


Jacqueline James is a School-Based Therapist with a BA In Psychology and an MA in Couples and Family Therapy. She is currently pursuing her LAMFT licensure. Jacqueline takes a systems focus to her work which recognizes the individual within the context of their family, school and community. This approach is particularly helpful when working with youth who do not have full agency over their environment. She enjoys collaborating with family members and school staff to help youth realize their full potential. Jacqueline is also dedicated to continuing her education on cultural sensitivity and inclusion, is a LGBTQIA+ ally, and strives to be mindful and welcoming to all cultures.

Zota Korti

NETS Day Treatment Therapist



Zota has been a therapist for eight years years and her past therapeutic experiences include: working with people of all ages and stages of life from age 6 through adulthood. She has experience doing individual, family, and group therapy and has worked with clients who have histories of trauma, depression, anxiety, anger, emotional distress, grief/loss, and relational issues. She uses and eclectic approach because one size does not fit all. Therapeutic interventions are tailored to each client’s mental health needs and personality type. Her area of interest is working with clients who have experienced trauma. She likes to help them heal from difficult experiences, and rewrite their life stories.

Chris Lawler

Clinic Based Therapist



Chris received his Master of Social Work from Augsburg University and is also a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Chris has a career-long passion for working with teens and young adults and has prior experience working for programs that serve youth experiencing homelessness, family conflict and out of home placement. As an alcohol and drug counselor he has worked with adults in outpatient chemical dependency treatment, providing individual and group counseling and with youth who have experienced sex trafficking. Prior to becoming a therapist, he worked as a high school-based chemical dependency counselor providing individual counseling to students, as well as diversion education focused on chemical use. Chris brings a relational, humanistic, non-judgmental, and strengths-based approach to working with people, and he encourages creativity, humor, and novelty, as he believes it to be an important aspect of coping with persistent struggles. He has worked with individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, dual diagnosis, family conflict, anger management and life transition struggles. Chris also has a special interest working with those who have experienced early childhood and adolescent out of home placement and enjoys working with diverse communities, having relevant experience working with Native American, Somali and LGBTQ+ communities. Chris is also a Certified Anger Management Specialist and has been trained in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Sarah Lockhart

Mental Health Director



Sarah Lockhart, MSW, LICSW received her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Luther College and her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Minnesota. Additionally, Sarah attended the University of Minnesota's two-year Infant and Early Childhood Certificate Program. Previously, Sarah was the Family Services Director at Cornerhouse overseeing their advocacy, case management and psychotherapy programs. Sarah has experience providing individual, family, and group psychotherapy to children, adolescents, and families affected by trauma. Previously, Sarah worked as the Youth Program Supervisor at Domestic Abuse Project and as a day treatment psychotherapist at Frasier. Sarah has worked at the intersections of systems throughout her career, collaborating and coordinating care with law enforcement, city and county attorneys’ offices, child and adult protection, and probation. Sarah holds a client-centered, developmental, and attachment/trauma-responsive approach to her work with youth and families. She has experience with program administration and development, clinical supervision in the Reflective Practice frame, and conducts training for the implementation of client centered and trauma responsive approaches to therapy, such as CCPT. She is trained in Narrative Exposure Therapy, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Child Centered Play Therapy, Circle of Security, and Child Parent Psychotherapy (for 0-5).

Steven Lutes

Manager, School Based Services



Steven is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker who has been serving in the mental health field for a decade. He has experience working with children and youth with trauma, depression, anxiety, academic and behavioral difficulties and grief and loss. Steven believes that the therapeutic relationship is central to the healing that takes place in therapy, and is committed to provide a place for clients to understand themselves and move forward to heal and grow. He is the manager of school-based services at Northeast Youth and Family Services, supervising therapists across three districts. He is passionate about improving the children’s mental health system.

Samuel McGinnity

Diversion and Community Connections Coordinator

Sam helps walk first-time young offenders through the Diversion Program as well as organizing and operating the Community Connections program. He has a background working with youth in the foster system, criminal justice system, and youth with autism spectrum disorder at different group homes around the metro area. He uses this knowledge to build relationships and help mend relationships with youth and their parents. Youth are referred to the program in lieu of going to juvenile court. He also coordinates the Community Connections program which connects youth to healthy resources in their community as well as fostering social and life skills.

Benjamin Moburg

NETS Day Treatment Practitioner

Bio Coming Soon!

Alex Moti

Information Analyst

Bio Coming Soon!

Andrew Peach

NETS Day Treatment Practitioner

Andy Peach is a NETS Day Treatment Practitioner at NYFS and has a BS in Family Life and Child Development from Minnesota State University. He has many years of experience helping clients develop coping skills to use when they are feeling upset, frustrated or depressed and enjoys empowering them to use these tools. He has worked with elementary through high-school age youth and enjoys serving clients from different backgrounds and learning their stories. He understands the need to meet clients where they are at while also helping them make changes that improve their lives.

Trisha Sargent

Clinic Based Therapist



Trisha received her Bachelor of Social Work from Northern Arizona University and her Masters of Social Work from the University of St. Thomas. Trisha’s practice has centered around supporting children and families who have experienced abuse and trauma through advocacy as well as individual and group therapy services. She has experience and training using Child Centered Play Therapy and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy modalities to provide services to clients experiencing depressive symptoms, anxiety related symptoms, post-traumatic stress related symptoms, grief and loss, family and relational difficulties, domestic violence, abuse and trauma, and identity related stress or transitions. As a trauma-focused therapist, her practice is person-centered and strengths-oriented, meaning that each client’s care is unique to them. Trisha believes that the foundation of a successful therapy experience is a strong relationship and emphasizes choice and transparency when working with individuals and families.

Jackie Suchy

School Based Therapist



Jackie is a master’s level clinician who works as a School-Based Therapist at Roseville Area Middle school. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Concordia University, St. Paul, and her Master of Arts in Counseling from Adler Graduate School. Jackie has experience working with anxiety and depressive disorders, autism, ADHD, trauma, crisis intervention and de-escalation, group interventions and therapy, at-risk youth, suicidal and self-harming youth, and LGBTQIA clients. Jackie is passionate about helping clients, families, and educators navigate the impacts of mental health in schools. Jackie implements holistic approaches to therapy that are person-centered, trauma and culturally informed, and strengths based. Jackie believes that meeting clients and families where they are in the moment, utilizing humor and creativity, providing unconditional positive regard, and maintaining a trauma-informed relational lens are key to enhancing the therapeutic process and growth.

Becky Tjornhom

Front Office


Becky has been with NYFS since 2014 and helps clients check in and make follow up appointments. She also answers the phone and assists with processing billing and donation documents.
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