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Mental Health Services



What it is telehealth at NYFS?

Telehealth is the use of electronic information and technologies to offer health care remotely. At NYFS we use telehealth in conjunction with our Mental Health Clinic to connect therapists with clients by IPhone/Smartphone, computer or IPad/tablet. This way you can speak face to face with your therapist even if you can’t come to the office.


How it works:

After calling our business office to schedule and appointment, you will be given instructions on how to select an appropriate device for your telehealth session and how to access the session online. The process does not take much time and the instructions are designed to be easy to follow.

Telehealth allows NYFS therapists to offer confidential counseling services to clients using an iPhone/Smartphone, IPad/Tablet or computer. By downloading an app provided by NYFS, you will be able to connect remotely with your therapist. This way you can get the services you need without coming into the office. Sessions will be billed in the same way as an in-person counseling session.


How do I get started?

New NYFS mental health clients can call our Shoreview Headquarters at 651-486-3808 or our White Bear Area Office at (651) 429-8544 to set up an online counseling session. Please call during our business hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Our Business Office is temporarily closed on Fridays. New clients can also request an appointment online.

What about privacy?

NYFS uses as a HIPAA-compliant application. Sessions are never monitored or recorded. Both the therapist and the client are required to attend their telehealth session in a room or area that ensures privacy during the virtual visit. In some circumstances, we offer a Telehealth privacy room on site at Shoreview – please call 651-486-3808 for more information on this option for mental health services.

We look forward to working with you. However, if you are experiencing a mental health emergency and need immediate help, please call one of the numbers listed below:


Ramsey County:

  • Adults: 651-266-7900

  • Children: 651-266-7878


Hennepin County:

  • Adults: 612-596-1223

  • Children: 612-348-2233


Washington County:

  • 651-777-5222


Crisis Text Line:

Text MN to 741741


NETS Day Treatment and Telehealth

NYFS also offers HIPAA-compliant Zoom Healthcare telehealth services for youth age 12 -18 in our NETS Day Treatment program. For more information about day treatment services please call 651.379.3406 or email

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